World Bank loans US$500m to Nigeria to improve maternal, child health

The World Bank has recently approved a credit of US$500 million through its International Development Association (IDA) to Nigeria to improve the country’s maternal, child, and nutrition health services for women and children.

Despite its high-publicised status of continent’s most populous nation and largest economy, West Africa’s Nigeria is still lagging behind in terms of basic healthcare, education and living standards.

It is estimated that one million mothers and children in Nigeria die each year from the causes that could have been prevented if the country’s basic healthcare sector was well-equipped.

Corruption, economic mismanagement, nepotism, impunity and lack of accountabllity, among others, are said to be main causes of this fiasco of more than 50 years.

The newly-elected head of state has reportedly said that his government would work hard to improve the healthcare system in the aim of saving the lives of the country’s mothers and children.

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