US weapons fuelling violence in Middle East

US weapons fuelling violence in Middle East

The United States is the leading exporter of legal small arms to governments across the Middle East region, and sold US$1.1 billion of weapons to Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen from 2005 to 2010, Global Post reported this week.

Some of the arms have ended up on the black market and in the hands of smugglers, it added.

The US, which is accused by many observers of preaching the message of love of guns and roses, is said to be fuelling violence in Mexico through the smuggling and trade of its weapons, Global Post said.

“It’s no secret the United States is the world’s leading weapons exporter by far. However, America is also the top importer, a driving force behind a major increase in the global small-arms industry,” Jennifer Wilmore wrote in the Global Post Gunworld report.

“Washington was chiefly responsible for the collapse of talks last summer on a UN arms trade treaty — a reflection of the vast political influence wielded by the US gun lobby, which is spending tens of millions of dollars to ensure the highly lucrative industry keeps expanding.”

Meanwhile, it seems the United States is, in a way, fighting itself in Syria. Much of the ammunition Islamic State militants are using is American, the online publication said.

“Ammunition transferred into Syria and Iraq to help stabilise governments has instead passed from the governments to the jihadists.”


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