Umoja back to South Africa after Korean tour, now heading to US

Umoja back to South Africa after Korean tour, now heading to US

South Africa’s most colourful and exciting music show, Umoja – the Spirit of Togetherness, returned to South Africa on Monday evening after wowing the South Korean crowds, Monica Steyn, spokesperson for Sting Music, the stable that manages the group’s marketing affairs, said yesterday.

But the group will not stay long in South Africa, as it is already preparing to go on a two-month tour in the US.

The Korean tour was the group’s second after 10 years,  and as expected the show was well-received by thousands of South Korean fans who welcomed it with open arms and showered it with standing ovations, Steyn said.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off it, even for a second,” Kwon Min-seo, representative of the South Korean ministry of culture, sports and tourism said, after watching the opening show on May 19.

“The dynamism and energy generated by their dancing and singing still lingers with me even after the show.  I was so infatuated that I didn’t even notice how the 140 minutes flew by,” an emotional Kwon added.

Now that the cast has accomplished its mission in South East Asia, they are setting on their sights on the land of Uncle Sam, where they are scheduled to perform in eight cities.

They are leaving for Los Angeles on June 16, starting to perform on June 20 and completing their shows until August 11, Steyn said yesterday.

However, they are not only going to perform in Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte NC, Washington DC, but also extending their American tour to Toronto in Canada.

“We are very excited to be hosting one of South Africa’s number one  stage shows.  We have been working very hard to put this together, we are so glad that the time has finally arrived and looking forward to full houses,” Dionne West, entertainment director at the International Arts Foundation in New Orleans, said.

UMOJA -The Spirit of Togetherness, created ny Todd Twala and Thembi Nyandeni, is a celebration of South African heritage. It tells the tale of indigenous South African music and dance from the earliest rhythms to the sounds of Kwaito.

Photo: Umoja posing with the South Korean ambassdor to South Africa

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