How to travel around the world

How to travel around the world

More and more people are turning their dream into reality and leaving their daily routine behind to travel around the world! However, they do not all have the same approach their trip in the same way…

For some it is the dream of a lifetime, they’ve saved up for years and want to treat themselves to months of enjoyment with a blend of adventure, interesting encounters and leisurely vacation.

For others, however, the world trip is a social or business project, they have objectives, meetings and often hope to change the world.

Between dream and reality

Last summer, a 25-year old Dutch student went on a five-week tour of Asia. At least that’s what her loved ones thought. In actual fact, Zilla van den Born never left Amsterdam.

Using her expertise with touch-up software Photoshop, she was able to make others believe she had really left by publishing photos of herself on the social networks in a range of fabulously exotic settings.

Getting away, escaping daily routine… some people really manage to do it. Last year, Sylvain, joint-author of a website called (only in French), conducted a survey of round the world trips undertaken by French people by analysing about 100 dedicated blogs.

He found that, on average, a round the world trip lasts a year and costs €14.500 (just around US$22 000).

To qualify as a “round the world trip” your itinerary must cover several continents, although not necessarily all five.

The round the world trips surveyed by Sylvain all included Asia, 93% included South America, but only 25% included a trip to Africa and just 3% comprised a visit to Central Asia.  The five most visited countries are China (63%), the US (34 %), Mexico (33%), Mongolia (31%) and Japan (22%).

The survey also shows that the round-the-world travellers’ average age is 27.42% travel with their partner, 27% as a family, 24% on their own and 7% with friends.

People travelling with friends tend to take airplanes more often than the other categories. Families are the category that uses air travel the least. Also, over eight in ten solo travellers are men.

It would seem that a round the world trip is above all a question of will-power and anticipation: travelers have to save for several years, ensure that they are well-informed, organised and prepared well in advance.

Like James Asquith, the 24 year-old British man who became the youngest man to visit all the world’s 196 countries, as recognised by the UNO.

To finance his trip, which lasted five years and cost €150,000 (just over US$250 000), James saved up the money he earned in summer jobs and also worked during his trip when necessary.

To be continued…

(By Accor). Image: courtesy of Accor)

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