Transportation challenges in Accra? Try technology, IBM advises

Transportation challenges in Accra? Try technology, IBM advises

Like any other sub-Saharan African city savouring the urbanisation and fast-growing economy revolution, Accra is booming and growing, and its headaches and challenges are growing along, and bringing more problems. Transportation challenges are some of the headaches facing the Ghanaian capital city.

“Transportation is one of Accra’s key challenges with growing numbers of citizens and vehicles placing increasing pressure on the city’s road networks,” Jonathan Batty, IBM media relations leader for Growth Market Unit, said this week.

“With 90% of all transport in Accra by road, traffic jams have a negative effect across many other areas such as business, emergency response, the environment, education and healthcare,” Batty said, as the global technology giant releases a new report shedding light on how technology can help Accra transform into a smarter city.

While the long-term goal should be the construction of a modern mass public transit system, instrumented, interconnected and intelligent technologies can help in the meantime to form the basis of a smarter transportation system, IBM said.

“Smart and networked traffic lights could help to ease the flow of traffic through the city,” Batty explained.

“Cameras and social media technologies could help monitor the road network and, by using Big Data technologies to analyse mobile phone data, city officials could gain a clearer view on how people move around within the city and how the existing transportation systems could be enhanced.”

*Photo by Hausa-Nigerian Blog. One of the taxis in Accra.


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