Toppled Central African Republic leader seeks asylum in Benin

Toppled Central African Republic leader seeks asylum in Benin

CAR former President, General Francois Bozizé, who fled to DRC and later to Cameroon after being toppled in a bloody coup d’état that cost the lives of 13 South African troops, has officially applied for political asylum in Benin, the government of this West African nation said yesterday.

But Bozizé, who is still in Cameroon, would have to wait a little longer, as the Benin government said it was waiting for President Boni Yayi to come back home from South Africa before making a decision.

The military dictator, who by now is feeling the pinch of what is like to topple a government by a coup d’état, and to be toppled by the same means, was told to leave the DRC, just minutes after arriving in the town of Gemena, located in the Equateur province. But his family was, however, allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds, Congolese government spokesperson Lambert Mende Omalanga said.

Meanwhile the well-respected Afrikarabia blog reported this week that another rebellion was being fomented by armed elements of the Seleka rebels, who were reportedly unhappy about Chad meddling into their country’s affairs. As if sensing that danger was looming, CAR new leader Michel Djotodia met with all elements of the army – government troops and rebels – to reassure them that he was willing to work hard to ensure that every CAR citizen benefited under the new regime.

Despite denials and counter-denials, reports are now emerging that  Chad President Idriss Deby helped the Seleka rebels, financially and logistically, to topple his former friend, General Bozizé.


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