'The Beauty of Incomplete Things', a show not to be missed in Jo'burg

‘The Beauty of Incomplete Things’, a show not to be missed in Jo’burg

After stunning audiences during its world premiere in Cape Town in January this year, the Beauty of Incomplete Things has finally arrived in Johannesburg, where it intends to do the same.

The Beauty of Incomplete Things, an original South African play, will be presented at the Fringe, at the Jo’burg Theatre, from July 15 to August 1, the organisers said this week.

The Jo’burg show is the reunion of Cape Town writer-director Daniel Dercksen with the original cast, Rowan Studti, Wojtek Lipinski and Andre Lombard.

In the menu lies a head-on clash of possessive love, obsessive fantasy and tainted passion. The show features the lives of three men who unite on a heartbreaking journey filled with pathos, humour and candid revelations.

Tommy, played by Rowan Studti, a studly straight trophy masseur, becomes a pawn between two conflicted lovers, David (Wojtek Lipinski), a flamboyant and dramatic diva-worshipper, and Steve (Andre Lombard) his controlling lover.

When David sneaks off with Tommy to his cabin in the middle of the woods for his birthday weekend, David’s intimate and loaded birthday celebration is interrupted when Steve gatecrashes his fantasy.

The rest is history… Find out for yourself by booking on the Joburg Theatre website.

(Final editing by Issa Sikiti da Silva)

Photo: The cast of ‘the Beauty of Incomplete Things’ Credit: Hayley Hopley

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