Soweto String Ensemble explosion in Johannesburg  show

Soweto String Ensemble explosion in Johannesburg show

Freshly returned from London, UK, where they performed for the Nelson Mandela tribute at the Trafalgar Square, the Buskaid Soweto String Ensemble has quickly regained its local popularity.

The South African group gave their local fans a Spring present never seen before on Saturday 6 Septemeber 2014 at the Linder Auditorium in the premises of Wits University in Johannesbrug.

These young talents are raising the South African flag on the beauty and art of classic music, locally and internationally – thanks to the genius directorship of Rosemary Nalden.

Made up over 115 musicians from Soweto, one of South Africa’s iconic townships, Buskaid is the blossoming child of Nalden.

The group was born out of a need to provide children from less priviledged communities and families with a musical skill.

“We want to ensure that young people don’t end up unemployed after completing their tertiary education. That’s why we bring in these students to be trainers to the younger students,” Nalden said.

“Currently we have 35 full and part-time trained performers and teachers. We are helping these talented musicians understand that a career in music is still possible,” she added.

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