South Africa’s mobile networks: young users lead consumer pack

South Africa’s mobile networks: young users lead consumer pack

The Mobility 2014 research study, conducted by World Wide Worx in association with First National Bank (FNB), reveals that young users (19-24 age group) – representing students and entrants into the workforce – is abandoning voice faster than any other segment.

Only 56% of this group’s mobile budget is now spent on voice, down from 66% in mid-2012. Data spend, on the other hand, has increased from 17% to 24%, the study says.

The trend for the overall market also shows a dramatic shift: voice spend has dropped from 73% of mobile budget to 65%, while data has increased from 12% to 16%. At the beginning of 2010, voice stood at 77% and data at 8%.

SMS spend remains steady at 13%, while full music tracks, which featured for the first time in 2012, have doubled from 1% to 2% of the average mobile budget.

Arthur Goldstuck, MD of World Wide Worx says: “Older users continue to spend far more overall, but the powerful shift in spend from voice to data will work its way up the age segments in the coming years.

“Already, we are seeing a flattening out of the curve of data use from the 25-34 through to the 46-55 age groups. Only above that age does data spend drop off – but not very significantly.”

Photo: International Reporting Project

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