Shock: Barcelona’s Lionel Messi owes US$5 million in unpaid taxes

Shock: Barcelona’s Lionel Messi owes US$5 million in unpaid taxes

Lionel Messi (26), the calm and innocent-looking Barcelona talented player, does not only know how to score goals and win titles, but he is also good at evading tax to make his fortune go higher and higher.

Reports from Spain suggest that Messi owes a whopping US$5 million (4.15 million euros) in unpaid taxes.

The sports fraternity is shocked to learn that the Argentine man – composed and humble on and off the pitch – could be hiding an ‘evil side’ in him – defrauding the taxman.

But the truth hurts and it did hurt even more when TV and Internet images showed the four-time winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year appearing this week in a Spanish court to answer charges of tax evasion.

History and past experiences have finally shown that superstars are all the same, whether he or she is an actor, actress, musician, sportsman, sportswoman, and so on.

They are all greedy, careless and reckless, totally ignoring the major role tax money plays in the lives of middle class and poor people. Why should they care because they are rich, smell money, sleep on top of money, wash their ‘magic’ bodies with money and cook money for lunch and supper.

The Spanish government must be commended for bringing Messi to justice to tell the world why he refused to pay tax.

Messi ‘obtained significant income’ from image rights between 2006 and 2009 on which he should have paid tax in his declarations to the Spanish authorities and failed to do so, AFP reported, citing the prosecutor’s report.

Messi’s over-protective father, Jorge, who came to court earlier on, said his son was innocent, pointing the finger instead at Messi’s former agent, AFP said.

He must be punished accordingly if he is ever found guilty – like the Wesley Sniper and Lauryn Hill of this world.

Photo: Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s hypocrite player


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