Senegal Airlines, Sage make long-term commitment over financial management solutions

Senegal Airlines, Sage make long-term commitment over financial management solutions

Government-controlled Senegal Airlines has made a long term commitment to Sage, choosing Sage FP 1000 to ‘permanently’ handle its financial management, including its turnover, according to reports from the Senegalese capital Dakar.

“Our accounting processes are automatically transferred in a fully secure manner to Sage FP 1000 general accounting. Only an open information system such as Sage FRP 1000 allowed us to build interfaces between applications,” Senegal Airlines information system manager Abdoul Aziz Ndao said in a statement.

As accounting and turnover calculation for airlines are quite specific tasks, Senegal Airlines said it chose to outsource management of its turnover to Sage, which is said to be a specialist service provider.

Ndao said his company was looking for a Sage-approved information system partner, in a view of making a long term commitment. Sage FRP 1000 is said to be mostly ‘loved’ due to its flexibility, and open and interfacing capabilities with other business management solutions.

“With Sage FRP 1000, Senegal Airlines is achieving productivity gains and optimising management of its business processes,” an elated Ndao added.

Senegal Airlines was established in 2011 out of a partnership between the Senegalese government and the private sector.  It has 250 employees and achieves a turnover of US$60-million.

The airline currently serves 15 destinations in Africa (to and from Dakar). Brussels is also available in partnership with Brussels Airlines since February 2013.

Multinational software company Sage, headquartered in Newcastle (UK), is the world’s third-largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software and the largest supplier to small businesses.

Sage has more than 20 representations and over six million customers worldwide, achieving an annual turnover of 1 500 billion euros.

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