Safety and security may determine choice of tourism destination

Safety and security may determine choice of tourism destination

Tourists across the world have made up their mind about travelling to a certain local and international destination: improve safety and security of your city or country or we won’t come to you.

A CNN global study recently found that 67 percent of respondents are worried about the safety and security of a destination more than its cost and reputation.

Many industry watchers believe that this represents a major shift from the anxiety of affordability to the paranoid thesis of ‘better be safe than sorry’.

This simply means that in today’s terrorism and violent crime-hit world, tourism destinations would have to do more to ensure that people coming to their cities or towns do not get into any kind of incidents that may endanger thier lives, and therefore scare away visitors for good.

Amadou Coulibaly, a West African regular traveller, expressed his concern to Moon of the South about this issue : “Seeing what’s going on today all over the world, one has to think twice before choosing a destination.

“For too long we used to think that Africa was a safe paradise, but now that the terrorists have taken over the continent, you really have to be careful about which part of Africa you want to spend your holiday.

Safety has truly become a major issue here, and I’m deeply worried, he added.

Now that the CNN global study has pinpointed this issue, people managing the portfolio of safety and security in cities and towns across the world will be spending sleepless nights, wondering what to do next to keep criminals and terrorists at bay.

In this era of tourism boom – UNWTO figures show that tourism arrivals across the globe hit the billion mark last year for the first time in history – there is an urgent need to apply desperate measures in these desperate times.

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