Richissime Cyril Ramaphosa set to succeed ‘weak’ Jacob Zuma in 2019

Richissime Cyril Ramaphosa set to succeed ‘weak’ Jacob Zuma in 2019

ANALYSIS: South Africans and non-South Africans who are tired of President Jacob Zuma’s alleged ‘weak’ leadership are relieved that not another Zuma-like leader will take over after the polygamist president is gone. This, after one of the country’s richest men, Cyril Ramaphosa, was elected deputy-president of the divided African National Congress (ANC) at a tension-filled elective congress in Mangaung in central SA.

Capitalist Cyril’s personal wealth is estimated at 675 million USD.

Despite being born in Soweto he originates from the Venda ethnic group – a marginalised minority in the north of SA – is the owner of Shanduka Group and MTN chairperson.

Some believe he will unlikely shift to the left (friends of the poor and the working-class), a road JZ has been resisting to travel since his investiture as president of Africa’s biggest economy, despite his cordial relationship with the ‘communists’.

Investors, mostly whites and the black nouveaux riches, are breathing a sigh of relief wherever they are, as their ‘man’ will take over from a weakened JZ. Even the rand rallied against the dollar after it heard that Cyril is taking over in 2019. These western currencies surely know their friends.

Now, many observers fear that the country’s liberal policies (friends of the rich, the whites and the big businesses, who don’t care even if the poor go hungry or get paid peanuts), will flourish even more under Cyril.

Probably by now, JZ’s haters and detractors in South Africa and the rest of the world are already seeing the back of his shining and clean-shaved head, and waving good-bye to his 20 children and four wives. (bye bye-bye Ma-Khumalo, bye-bye Sis Nompumelelo, bye-bye Sis Thobeka and bye-bye Sis Gloria Bongi.

All eyes are now on Cyril, who faces a mammoth task to reconcile the disillusioned black people – poor, ill and still waiting for a better life promised since 1994 – and the rich who continue to get richer and richer.

And Cyril’s Venda brothers and sisters, who live in impoverished and terribly underdeveloped areas of Limpopo (north) near the deteriorating Zimbabwe of Old Man ‘Robbie’ Mugabe, are also waiting, waiting and waiting.

So now, what is going to happen to Kgalema Motlanthe, the man who made a huge mistake by taking on JZ? By now he is regretting for listening to JZ’s enemies who forced him to stand against the Zulu Big Boy.

Time will tell. They say you stabbed JZ in the back by standing against him! You better leave politics after 2013 and get into business, otherwise, you are finished! JZ is a populist, you don’t stand against populist leaders!

Okay, the power kicked off from the Xhosas, who ruled twice (Mandela the Great and Mr Mbeki the African), then it shifted to Kwazulu-Natal (JZ) despite Mbeki’s reluctance to let it go, and finally it’s in the air, flying high to land in the Vendaland. Who would have believed that a Venda man (they are few, very few and despised I don’t know why) will one day become the president of the mighty SA.

Whites had their chance and blew it, the Sothos and the Tswanas, and the ‘others’ must wait for another lifetime. That’s how it works in Africa. Ask any black man. Soyez le bienvenu Son Excellence Monsieur le President Cyril!





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