Rhodes University drama tackles sexual violence, culture in South Africa

Rhodes University drama tackles sexual violence, culture in South Africa

Students from the Rhodes University drama group will, from this Friday 25 April until 5 May 2013, add their voices to that of millions of people around the world who decry the scourge of rape and sexual violence in South Africa.

The Silent Protest, an initiative from Rhodes University aimed at creating awareness around issues of sexual violence in South Africa, will take place at the Wits Theatre in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

The Drama for Life SA Season Re/think, Re/act will present three cutting-edge theatre performances, an installation, lectures and workshops led by social commentators, as well as an experimental open performance space for poets, musicians and other artists, the organisers said.

Besides an address by young critical thinker and activist Dr Kelly Gillespie who will open this year’s Drama for Life SA Season, the event will also host a public lecture by author and political analyst Eusebius McKaiser.

Performances in this year’s SA Season include Nadine Joseph’s acclaimed contemporary dance piece for.GIVEn, a piece that examines the relationship between substance abuse by female adolescents and the rise in physical and sexual violence.

Another show is Clara Vaughan’s production Takalani Sex and Me that explores the conflicts and contradictions of sexual education and how it influences human behavior.

In addition Themba Interactive will take their piece Virtual Dynamics to Wits Residences. The site specific performance depicts social issues that affect South African youth, such as substance abuse, sexual violence, homosexuality and the culture of izikhothane.

The aim of the season is to provide a platform for artists and thinkers to ask difficult questions and offer uncomfortable answers, the organisers said.

“On certain nights performers are invited to use the experimental open performance space for poets, musicians and other artists to showcase their works around sex, violence, culture and education at the Wits Amphitheatre.”

Additionally there will be workshops for Wits staff and students surrounding issues of ‘Care for Caregivers’, ‘Sexual Health and Education’, as well as ‘Sexual Violence and Movement’.

For more information, log in www.dramaforlife.co.za, or call DFL Projects Manager Caryn Green on +27-11-7174727. They can be also contacted via email: Caryn.Green@wits.ac.za or Miriam.Behrendt@wits.ac.za.

(Press release. Editing by Issa Sikiti da Silva)

*Photo Supplied. A scene from Takalani Sex and Me.

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