‘Racist’ Switzerland shows true colours, violates UN rules on people's free movement

‘Racist’ Switzerland shows true colours, violates UN rules on people’s free movement

The Swiss are racists, and the pro-apartheid government of Switzerland is promoting discriminatory policies and institutionalising racism by giving authority to local government entities to boot out asylum seekers out of the public buildings.

This is an emotional cry from an asylum seeker in an email sent to Moon of the South this week. “We are all frustrated here, these people hate us,” he wrote.

Swizerland, a country that built its wealthy reputation by giving a helping hand to brutal and cruel Third-World dictators to hide their ill-gotten fortunes there, has now come out of the open and demonstrated that it is a nation of hate, racism and division.

On August 6, the Mayor of Alpnach told Swiss media that the community would retain the right to prohibit asylum seekers from freely accessing schools, swimming pools, sports facilities, a retirement centre and an entire neighbourhood near the asylum seeker centres, Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports.

A new reception centre for asylum-seekers is due to open on 19 August in the town of Alpnach, 100 km south of Zurich.

The same day, another mayor, this time in Menizngen, a village 50 km south of Zurich where an asylum seeker reception centre will open in 2015, was quoted by HRW as telling Swiss media that asylum seekers there would be banned from ‘sensitive areas’ such as near schools because “asylum-seekers could meet our schoolchildren – young girls or young boys.”

HRW, which is incensed by this ‘racist’ move, said: “The Swiss government is arbitrarily interfering with asylum seekers’ free movement rights by giving local authorities the authority to prohibit them from using public school and sports facilities.”

The United Nations, which has its UNHCR headquarters in Geneva, has not lifted a finger to condemn Switzerland ’s ‘odious’ and ‘inhumane’ act.

Gerry Simpson, HRW senior refugee researcher, said: “For Switzerland, the home of the United Nations and its refugee agency, to introduce a blatantly discriminatory policy that effectively segregates asylum seekers from the communities in which they live is shocking.

“The Swiss authorities should encourage all Swiss communities to treat some of the world’s most vulnerable people with respect and dignity, rather than reinforcing prejudice and division.”
At the end of 2012, there were just 50 000 recognised refugees and close to 22 000 registered asylum seekers, according to UNHCR.

Asylum seekers in Europe are having hard time to live normal lives, especially in Greece, Spain, Italy and Britain.

Europe, where apartheid was born and bred before being exported to Africa, is becoming more and more hostile towards non-Europeans, especially towards black Africans and Asians.

Many Africans are now wondering whether it is high time that European paedophiles should also be treated the same way in Africa, prohibit them from walking on the continent’s streets because they could meet Africa’s young girls and boys – and abuse them.

A paedophile from Spain, a country where racism thrives even on the soccer pitch, was recently let off the hook – just like that – by the King of Morocco after raping and sexually molesting dozens of Moroccan kids.

This is the kind of abusive and racist species that Africans should ban from walking on their streets, including the Swiss, because Switzerland is also full of paedophiles.

Photo: A depressed African asylum seeker walks through a Swiss refugee reception centre. Credit: Reuters

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