Prestigious media award for SABC journalist Hazel Friedman

Prestigious media award for SABC journalist Hazel Friedman

A South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) investigative journalist, Hazel Friedman, has won the Vodacom Western Cape TV Journalist of the Year Award for her programme on Special Assignment on the Cape of Wars, the Auckland Park-based public broadcaster announced today.

The two-part programme, which was aired on SABC3 in August 2012, is a chilling account of gangsterism in the Cape Town impoverished township of Lavender Hill.

South Africa, one of the most violent countries in the world where more than 50 people are killed every day, boasts thousands of gangsters roaming its streets freely, fighting among themselves for superiority and causing death and destruction among peaceful communities.

Friedman’s ‘clever’ investigative report looked at all the gangs involved in these wars, and the uneasy truce being brokered by former gangsters-turned-peacemakers.

Cape of Wars  also looked at the efforts by the city and the province to protect a community under siege, SABC said.

The judges then saw that Friedman deserved better than other TV programmes vying for glory in the same category, which also included award-winning Carte Blanche. They therefore unanimously decided to award her the Best Television Feature in the Western Region. The documentary was filmed by SABC News cameraman Marc Mullenberg and freelance cameraman Adil Cooke who share the award.

Friedman was also the overall winner of the 2007 Vodacom Journalist of the Year Award  for her Special Assignment feature, For the Boys.

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