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Orange’s new facilities in South Africa to improve internet, mobile services in Africa

The launch recently by Orange of two large-capacity IP and IPX Points of Presence (PoP) in Johannesburg and Cape Town (South Africa) aims at enhancing internet and mobile connectivity in the region, reports from Paris (France), where the telecoms giant is based, said.

The new facilities are part of the technical infrastructure equipment necessary to enable telecoms operators and internet service providers (ISP) to access fast internet and reliable mobile services through an interconnection point with long-distance networks. The newly-launched IP and IPX PoP will offer the following advantages:

High capacity, resiliency and high availability
Three routes with protected backbone network, including access to submarine cables SAT3 and EASSY/SMW5, and ACE that will be added soon. Supported by Orange-owned international assets, it will also improve QoS by providing delivery content closer to customers

Optimise mobile services QoS and improve roaming
It will help avoid unnecessary traffic going back and forth to Europe by local processing.

Customer Benefits
Orange, listed in the Euronext Paris and New York Stock Exchange, said it was the first operator capable of offering reliable, high quality, secure connections for the wholesale market around the African continent to support the huge rise in IP and IPX traffic in this area.

This fully redundant IP and IPX PoP is a secure solution that will help facilitate the development of this region, the company said, adding that it would be now able to offer reliable, high-quality connections for African countries surrounding South Africa.

“By connecting to this very large-capacity PoP, wholesale customers, regional operators and Internet Service Providers will benefit from cost-effective connections to a Tier 1 operator,” Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, Orange CEO for International Carriers, said.

“Thanks to this Point of Presence that will bring content providers closer to internet users, the customer experience is set to improve.”

Present in 29 countries, the Group has a total customer base of 269 million customers worldwide at 30 September 2017, including 208 million mobile customers and 19 million fixed broadband customers.

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