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Number of migrants arrivals in Germany drops to 280 000

The number of asylum seekers arriving in Germany last year has dropped to about 280 000 from nearly 890 000 during the 2015 migration crisis, Deutsche Welle (DW) reported this week.

Syria still tops the list of countries whose citizens are seeking asylum in Germany, following by Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Eritrea, the report said. Nigeria, Russia and Albania also make the list.

Some 62% of all asylum applications in 2016, or about 434 000 people, were decided favorably, reports said.

The government says the decrease signals that measures to reduce migration are working. “Developments show managing and controlling migration have been successful,” DW quoted interior minister Thomas de Maziere as saying, upon announcing figures compiled by the Office of Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

The drop in arrivals comes at a time when Germany is preparing to hold elections. It is good news for outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is under tremendous pressure from the voters and political opponents to ‘take it easy’ on her love for refugees.

Photo: Getty Images/S. Callup/DW

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