Nubia Soul launches 'Love Chronicles', longs for more

Nubia Soul launches ‘Love Chronicles’, longs for more

South Africa’s spoken-word poet, singer and songwriter Elnathan Sidu – also known as Nubia Soul – has launched Love Chronicles, her debut album, and is longing to go higher and higher.

With its neo-soul and lounge house feel, with a touch of reggae, Love Chronicles encapsulates the artist’s natural curiosity, examining the various stages and milestones of love.

The album is expected to be supplemented with a new music video that showcases her versatility, and firmly announces her as an exciting new face and force to be reckoned with.

Love Chronicles was recorded in a professional studio, unlike her first demo album Rise, which was entirely recorded on an iPad using the GarageBand application.

Sidu has shown that embracing digital platforms to record, market and distribute her music independent musicians can live their dreams without having to break the bank.

She said she will continue to break through the digital divide that still constrains many African artists, and has even been interviewed by CNN on how she has used cyberspace to expand her digital footprint.

Though she grew up in Soweto, Sidu is a native of Ceres, a small town near Cape Town which is well known for its excellent juice branded Ceres.

Her music is a rooted in the Nubian (ancient Northern African) and Southern African regions.

“The motivation behind my music is the ever evolving journey of us as human beings, whether it’s social, economic, political or religious,” she said.

Watch this space and check out Nubia Soul and her music on the following platforms:





Photo: South Africa’s Sidu, alias Nubia Soul.

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