Nokia still popular cellphone brand in South Africa - survey

Nokia still popular cellphone brand in South Africa – survey

Nokia remains the most popular cellphone brand in South Africa, despite its market share  dropping significantly from 50% to 44%, according to the Mobility 2014 research study conducted by World Wide Worx in association with First National Bank (FNB).

Blackberry has increased its market share locally, despite almost vanishing as a force in Western markets, from 18% to 23%, thanks to its continued aspirational appeal in younger markets, the study says.

The study also says that Samsung has increased share marginally, from 18% to 19%. “In mid-2012, consumers had indicated they would move away from the brand, with a third of its users saying they would opt for other phones,” it explains.

However, the appeal of its Galaxy range of Android devices across all smartphone price segments has resulted in a resurgence for Samsung.

Furthermore, the survey reveals substantial shifts in the mobile banking environment, with the biggest proportional shift coming in the use of banking apps.

From only 1% of all banking customers using banking apps in mid-2012, the figure has shot up to 9% in late 2013. Cellphone banking has also surged, from 28% in mid-2012 to 37% in late 2013, the Mobility 2014 report says.

“One in 10 banking customers are now using apps, and that number is still rising fast, which vindicates our strategy of expanding our offerings as the market’s use of these tools evolves,” Dione Sankar, head of Cellphone Banking and Messaging at FNB, says in a statement.

“At the same time, looking after the non-smartphone customer through basic cellphone banking has also paid off. We have never experienced such dramatic growth across all mobile channels.”


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