Niasony Okomo’s ‘triumphal march’ to music stardom

Niasony Okomo’s ‘triumphal march’ to music stardom

Congo-Brazzaville’s Afro-plastic star Niasony Okomo continues her triumphal march to stardom by putting in place, among others, pieces of missing puzzles to complete her musical journey.

Okomo is fully aware that songs and tours make a musician to be loved, recognised, immortalised and be counted among the favourites.

Therefore, she is planning to release a full album in three months’ time, and embark on a couple of tours across Europe and later come down to her birthplace – Africa.

Charity begins at home. Niasony will have to start in Germany, where she is based and where a difficult German public has all but embraced her.

‘I’m planning to do a featuring with Papy Tex. He will write three songs for me, and the album will be launched under the stable of Empire Bakuba,” Okomo told Moon of the South on Sunday.

Tex, real name Matolu Dode, is one of the musicians who worked with the late Pepe Kallé in the Congolese Empire Bakuba band. But the band seems to have floundered since the death of Kallé. However, recent reports from the capital Kinshasa suggest that Tex is about to revive it. Okomo could be among the stars that will attempt to bring the band back to life.

Furthermore, bearing in mind that she has some qualities of the DR Congo star Abeti Masikini in her, Okomo has finally decided to interpret a few songs of the late singer, without however naming which ones.

Okomo has just come from Paris, France, to pay tribute to Likinga Mangenza Redo, one of the DRC’s great musicians who died recently.

Redo is a former leading singer of the Zaiko Langa Langa band.

The journey to full stardom looks indeed rosy for Okomo, and it seems as nobody or nothing will stand on her way to fulfill her dreams.

Photo: From left, Afro-plastic star Niasony Okomo, singer Faya Tess and Papi Tex.

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  1. TomVitz August 26, 2013 at 10:33 am #

    Niasony is also becoming famous in Canada as read in CBC Worldmusic Blog (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation): 
    “Here are five singers less known and recorded than the aforementioned divas. […]
    Full article with feature of Niasony: