First National Bank innovating smart devices as market goes wild

First National Bank innovating smart devices as market goes wild

The global market for mobile phone accessories is projected to reach US$84.6 billion (about R845 million) by the year 2018, primarily driven by robust growth in smartphone sales across the globe, according to PRWeb.

Accessories that are enabling enhanced usage of device features and the desire of users to leave a personal stamp on devices through add-ons such as skins and device protectors, are contributing to the increased uptake on smart device accessories, South Africa’s First National Bank (FNB) said today.

The bank, which continues to innovate its smart phone platform to help its customers stay updated withe new trends, said its dotFNB branches have added a variety of smart device accessories to its product range, allowing account holders to personalise and enhance the functionality of their smart devices.

Exisiting customers can purchase accessories with their FNB Card, while new customers will be able to purchase both their smart device and accessories upon opening an FNB account, the Johannesburg-bank added.

The current dotFNB accessory offering includes a range of covers, screen protectors, chargers, and Wi-Fi routers that can be used in conjunction with the FNB Connect data offering for customers who have ADSL lines.. FNB is currently selling all accessories at a discounted 20% up, and until the end of August 2013.

“By keeping our finger on the pulse of global trends and pushing our innovation boundaries we are able to expand on our digital offering and ensure that our customers bank in not only the most convenient way but also on a device that becomes an extension of their personality,” head of dotFNB Kim Gibson-Van der Walt said.

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