Namibia’s Adventure Travel World Summit pioneers responsible tourism investments

Namibia’s Adventure Travel World Summit pioneers responsible tourism investments

This year’s Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS), hosted by US-based Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) on 26-31 October 2013 in Namibia  (Southern Africa), has pledged to aggressively promote the responsible development of the adventure tourism industry in Africa and beyond.

ATTA said last week that the summit has powered the responsible tourism investments on the continent, adding that it has entered in partnership with a couple of organisations to make this possible.

These organisations include the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), Save the Rhino Trust, Power Namibia Project, Namibia Tourism Board and Tourism Ireland.

“The summit this year brought our organisation to a new level,” ATTA President Shannon Stowell said in a statement.

“It was our first summit in Africa, and also the first where we were able to dive deeply into a host destination’s adventure travel opportunities as a model for investment and implementation around the world,” he added.

ATTA and its partners announced a list of new long-term investments. This includes, among others:

•    ATTA’s commitment to deliver a guide training programme in 2014

•    Partnership between REI and WWF on a programme to deliver much needed gear, apparel and supplies to the country’s 500 conservation guards to support their efforts in protecting the country’s natural resources and wildlife

•    ATTA-WWF collaboration to allow WWF’s conservation initiatives and adventure travel models to be more deeply integrated globally

•    Acknowledgement and honouring of Namibia’s sustainable development work by WWF International

Photo by Trip Advisor. A holiday resort in the middle of Namibia’s desert

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