Namibia welcomes ATTA 2013 World Summit

Namibia welcomes ATTA 2013 World Summit

The Southern African nation of Namibia will host the 2013 World Summit of the US-based Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) in late October,  ATTA has announced this week. ATTA President Shannon Stowell told Moon of the South that the event will consist ofa further two days of adventure as well as a field learning time besides the traditional summit approach.

Stowell said: “It is our belief that networking, partnerships, learning and innovating happen best when you are experiencing what you are selling.”

The event will take place in the capital city Windhoek and in the north-western coast city of Swakopmund, located some 280 km (170 miles) west of Windhoek.

This does not only create a more personal approach to a travel show and allow participants to make significant connections for business, but it also allows a destination to provide a learning curve for other countries and regions, Stowell said.

The summit, which is set to draw 600 decision makers in the adventure travel industry for pre and post-event trips, will begin with a gala event on Independence Avenue in Windhoek. It will then proceed to Swakopmund, where a strong programme of events, including speakers exploring local and global issues affecting the TT (travel and tourism) industry, will take place.

For more information (including registrations), log in, or email Casey Hanisko at [email protected].

  • Pic: National Geographic/Frans Lanting
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