Moving into Dance Mophatong: 21 years of dance, dedication

Moving into Dance Mophatong: 21 years of dance, dedication

 Moving Into Dance Mophatong (MIDM), the Johannebsurg-based contemporary dance company founded by Sylvia ‘Magogo’ Glasser, recently celebrated its 21 years of existence in style to remember years of hard labour, dedication and challenges by hosting a series of shows at the Dance Factory in Newtown.

The three weeks of explosive performances, simply titled 21, featured some of the groups’ illustrious graduates and award-winning artists, including Gregory V Maqoma, David Thatanelo, Fana Tshabalala and the evergreen Sonia Radebe.

Some art commentators who watched the pulsating shows said this was a formal way of thanking Glasser   for all her dedication, and skills and opportunity she gave them to redirect and improve their lives.

Glasser said: “MIDM does not just teach youth to dance, it equips individuals from under-resourced communities with the skills and confidence to become productive and self-sufficient people who are able to support their families and extended families.

“With the continued high rate of unemployment, we continue to be a safety net for many people who are the sole supporters of extended families as a result of the training they have received through us.”

The three-week event, which was also a platform to raise much-needed funding for bursaries for the students of 2013, included the following shows:

  • Beauty Remained,
  • Tranceformations
  • Flesh
  • Mummy mummy
  • Uhambo Lwam (My journey)
  • Gates of Hell 2
  • Strange Attraction
  • Dirty Hands

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*PIC: JOHN HOGG. A scene from Beauty Remained, a pulsating work by Robin Orlin


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