Cape Town's Mount Nelson Hotel to host 2013 ILTM Africa

Cape Town’s Mount Nelson Hotel to host 2013 ILTM Africa

The 2013 International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) Africa will be held in the city of Cape Town, particularly at the luxury Mount Nelson Hotel, for two days, Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 April 2013.

The event will transform the Parliament City into a luxury and meeting place, where speakers, buyers and exhibitors will do what they do best: discuss and seal business deals, and speak about issues affecting the TT industry, and seek ways to solve those problems.

ILTM said in its website that it has set a strict qualification for all VIP buyers, adding that it is only those whose applications meet its luxury travel criteria that will be invited to attend. The criteria include, among others:

  • Operate on an outbound basis
  • Show evidence of past and future business placed in luxury travel
  • Be an established player in the market place
  • Demonstrate that you regularly operate with African suppliers of luxury travel products and services.
  • Be a senior decision maker with the authority to procure luxury travel products and services.

ILTM also said it will offer space for exhibitors to showcase their unique experiences, high-end luxury properties, and superb knowledge of the African product to the very best luxury travel buyers from across the globe.

The organisers said this will be a one-to-one summit, matching mutual requests from buyers and exhibitors alike to meet on a strict one-to-one ratio.

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