Moon of the South launches Moon of the South Foundation

Moon of the South launches Moon of the South Foundation

A Pan-African humanitarian organisation called ‘Moon of the South Foundation (MSFO) was launched this week to, among others, partner the Moon of the South news website ( in its efforts to showcase problems affecting the well-being of millions of women and children, and advocate for a healthy environment both in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in particular, and in Africa in general.

MSFO founder and executive director Issa Sikiti da Silva said there are millions of children in the DRC and Africa who are not attending school due to a number of factors, which include lack of money to pay for school fees, hunger, lack of space in already overcrowded classrooms, lack of uniforms and learning material, among others.

“We at MSFO want to help these children feel like children, which means send them to school like any child out there, eat healthy food and live in a healthy environment,” he said.

The same applies for women and girls, who he said, continue to be marginalised despite beautiful slogans and so-called women’s development programmes that achieve nothing and further stress these vulnerable people.

“Millions of women and girls in Africa live on the fringes of society, which force them sometimes into prostitution, sex slavery, drug use and trafficking, forced marriages and falling victims of human trafficking,” Sikiti da Silva said.

“The Foundation’s mission is to ensure that women don’t fall victims of these scourges and are not discriminated against, and are reintegrated into society to rebuild their lives.

“And we won’t succeed without the help of partners, including governments, well-established international NGOs and the corporate sector, as well the United Nations.

“We are calling on anyone out there to help us achieve our goals and make Africa a better place to live in.”

The third critical work MSFO intends to do is to heal the environment from all sicknesses that are currently paralysing it.

“The planet is being savagely decimated by our fellow human beings who lack respect and consideration for Mother Nature, and behave ungratefully towards it,” the MSFO founder said.

“We cannot just stand aside and look while this is happening. Let’s join forces to fight for a safe, clean and healthy environment. United we stand and divided we fall,” he concluded.

The foundation’s website is currently being designed and will be launched very soon, while the organisation’s Facebook and Twitter page are already functioning.

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Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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