Maxine Jafta, fashion guru on mission in Johannesburg

Maxine Jafta, fashion guru on mission in Johannesburg

Jafta understands the art of style and how to dress people to reflect their inner beauty and personalities.

She believes that styling is a healing process, where women not only find their place in the world, but where they are given the tools to command all spheres of life with great style and confidence.

Having styled both artists and fashion shoots, Maxine has a valuable experience in the art of styling and how it empowers people to change their lives.

Great style has no age limit, and her wardrobe and styling service open the door to people of all ages looking to change not only the way they look, but the way they view themselves, she said.

Her goal is for women of all ages to be given the tools to bring out their inner beauty by accentuating what they have, and with the year drawing to an end, it’s a great time to reorganise and detox a client’s wardrobe to their image transformation.

“Styling women and men in all shapes, sizes and colours also helps me look beyond the stereotype and speak to the trends and conscious search for those seeking to find their mojo,” she said.
Contact Maxine on 0027849118763 or 0027723435196 Twitter: @maxjafta
Facebook: Maxine Jafta

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