Mali’s Festival in the Desert goes to ‘exile’ in South Africa

Mali’s Festival in the Desert goes to ‘exile’ in South Africa

It is official! Mali’s notorious Festival au Desert (Festival in the Desert), now exiled due to terrorists threats, is coming to ‘stay’ in South Africa at the Emthojeni Arts.

Emthonjeni Arts is based in the little town of Hamburg, in the Eastern Cape Province.

The Emthonjeni Arts residency programme kicks off the African Caravan for Peace as part of the global call to action, and will lead the final leg of Mali’s exiled Festival au Desert as part of the Mali’s post-war reconstruction campaign.

This is in the aim of returning the festival back to its original home in Timbuktu in January 2014.

The announcement was made this week by the Africans for Africa Network, which has facilitated this ‘homecoming’ in association with the JT Comms African Media Resource Centre of Excellence.

Africans for Africa Network said the aim of its North-South cultural conversation – as the project is called –  was to engage in a series of dialogues, set up exchanges between artists on the continent, and create new markets for Africa’s cultural content and products.

It also said that it was willing to take ownership of the space in which Africa’s voice is expressed through music and culture in international arenas.

“We are encouraged by the support in Africa with South Africa leading the call to action,” Manny Ansar, director of the Festival au Desert, said.

Photo: Tuaregs dancers in action during the Festival au Desert. The event is coming to exile in South Africa


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