Johanneburg 2012 Carnival sets city on fire

Johanneburg 2012 Carnival sets city on fire

 Johannesburg residents asked for a flamboyant and electrifying spectacle at the city’s 2012 Carnival, and guess what, they got more than they bargained for.

On 31 December,  the city centre’s streets came alive with colourful and unique large costumes and floats, gigantic puppets and stilt walkers, music, dance, drama and poetry.

And all this, coupled with the joyous mood and camaraderie of the people involved and those watching,  set the city’s streets on fire.

It was the mother of all parties in town. And as time went by, it just grew bigger, better, louder, and more  entertaining as more people, including foreigners and locals,  joined the crowd at the MaryFitzgerald Square for the final countdown of 2012.

“Every year the Joburg Carnival gets bigger and better,” said Chris Vondo, the man in charge of the city’s community development.

The 2012 was a fitting occasion for the city’s authorities to create awareness around the upcoming Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2013 due to kick off in a matter of days in South Africa.

“The carnival is one of the department’s flagship events which promote social cohesion and the unification of the city’s residents through safe vibrant, and fun filled street parades and performances by all the regions of the City of Johannesburg,” Vondo added.

*Photo by Mariola Biela.  Carnival enthusiasts enjoying themselves at the  Nelson Mandela Bridge.

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