International TV channels trustworthy and unbiased: independent survey

A total of 83% of affluent Europeans rated international TV channels as trustworthy (five out of seven) and 78% considered them to be impartial or unbiased. These are the findings of an independent research survey carried out by Ipsos among wealthy consumers living in the world’s oldest continent.

Indeed, when comparing brand sentiment, international TV channels scored at least 39% higher compared to national TV channels for all attributes on the survey, including whether they were high quality and informative:

The study shows that wealthy but time-squeezed consumers are turning to international TV channels for their source of impartial news amid the rise of fake news.

“With so much instant information, clutter and fake news, time-squeezed affluent consumers are being more selective about which media brands they use,” Sonia Marguin, Euronews head of research and inTV chairperson, said.

“They really value the impartial content provided by international TV channels and so are more likely to engage with them than national TV brands. That’s why, when looking at the international TV channels within the inTV group*, we reach 86% of C-Suite Europeans,” Marguin explained.

The research shows that trust and esteem that upscale consumers put into international TV channels also represents an opportunity for advertisers who, with issues around brand safety and ad fraud, are demanding more control over where their ads are being seen and who is seeing them.

The study also said that viewers of international TV channels appeared to be more engaged consumers, having 44% more conversations about the brands they see advertising on international TV network compared to non-viewers.


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