Guantanamo: 12 years of pain in United States’ ass

Guantanamo: 12 years of pain in United States’ ass

It has been 12 years (11 January 2002) since Guantanamo Prison was created by former US President George W Bush, and five years since President Barack Obama made a solemn promise to close it down ‘by all means’.

But talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

Guantanamo is still standing proud more than a decade, and still emitting a lot of pain in Uncle Sam’s ass, reminding him that his sermon about democracy, human rights and the respect of the law is nothing but hypocrisy and a pack of lies.

Many observers now believe that the war on terror has done more harm than good, and placed the US in the bottom list of countries it often blacklists as ‘undemocratic’, ‘terrorist’, ‘banana’, and so on.

This is why. Many ‘enemy combattants’ in Guantanamo have been tortured, untried for more than a decade and refused to be released despite being cleared for release.

Veronique Gaymard’s article, USA: Guantanamo, “an international crime” that lasts for twelve years, published on Saturday on the Radio France Internationale (RFI) website is a delicious food for thought.

From initially holding about 800 prisoners of various nationalities, the notorious Guantanamo – the new Alcatraz – is still keeping 155 detainees.

“This is an international crime,” UN Special Rapporteur against torture Juan Mendez was quoted in that article as saying.

“Under international law, detention is arbitrary when there is no evidence that people have committed crimes, and prolonged arbitrary detention constitutes an international crime,” Mendez added.

“The US is committing a very serious violation of international human rights law, holding indefinitely people who have no reason to be detained.”

But, who cares about what the UN says if many of its own resolutions have been overlooked and totally ignored by some of its ‘untouchable’ member countries?

And who gives credit to the UN after being seen by the rest of the world as ‘getting too cosy’ and ‘sleeping’ with the West?

While US authorities are twisting and turning to find the right medication to heal the Guantanamo pain, the prison is staying put,  standing tall and biting like chili in their hypocritical asses.

Now the world knows that Uncle Sam is not a saint after all, and can also turn into a silent killer if he is pushed to the limits.


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