Global rate of blindness declining: report

Blindness across the world seems to be declining, dropping considerably in 2014, as organisations such as Light for the World step in to help people with sight difficulties in developing countries.

Light for the World said on Friday that it carried out 53 100 sight-saving cataract surgeries, thus reaching a total of 1.2 million blind and disabled people in developing countries.

When the organisation first started 25 years ago, 0.60% of the world’s population were still blind, whereas today thanks to a global effort, only 0.47 %* are affected.

The Vienna-based organization, which says it does not only combat avoidable blindness, but also supports people with various disabilities, revealed that in 2014 more than 59 000 children with disabilities accessed different kinds of rehabilitation and assistive devices, with 11 500 also receiving school education.

“This was only possible thanks to the support of donors, foundations and public institutions, among them Bausch + Lomb, CROMA Pharma, Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung, Fondation L’Occitane and Sint Antonious Foundation.”

The total income rose from 21.1 to 22.5 million Euro (+ 6.6%), Light for the World said in a statement.

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