Global conference in US, Senegal, aims to fight domestic violence

Global conference in US, Senegal, aims to fight domestic violence

The Global Coalition Against Domestic Violence will host a two-leg international conference on 11-15 April 2013 in New York City, US, and on 18-21 April 2013 in Dakar, Senegal (West Africa) in the view of reducing incidence of domestic and family violence at all levels, the organisers said this week.

The conference, which is expected to provide an open and frank forum for discussion, will also lend support to individuals and families working in the field of family and domestic violence, and help establish and grow a worldwide network and resources through information sharing, according to a statement issued by the organisers.

Domestic violence continues to affect and claim lives, and separate families and inflict a long lasting trauma on the victims, many of whom happen to be women and children.

Women’s rights activists said at least one-third of all women across the globe have in one way or another experienced domestic violence.  

In many African patriarchal societies such as West Africa, South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the man is seen as the ‘eternal’ head of the household, thousands of women have been victims  of domestic violence, but suffering in silence and afraid to be sent packing if they dared to speak openly about it.

The worst part is when the women are illiterate and uneducated and only depending on the man’s bread for survival.

By hosting this ‘extraordinary’ two-leg event, which is said to be the largest national gathering of community based groups, the Global Coalition Against Domestic Violence is hoping to bring together men,  women and organisations to speak as a united voice against this scourge that goes unabated in many parts of the world.

The organisation also said it wants to demonstrate with full force that domestic violence is no longer tolerated or acceptable in today’s society.

Those wishing to attend the conference should get application forms by sending an email to the Registration Desk via

 Who should attend?

   * Domestic violence workers

   * Community groups

   * Family relationship workers

   * Community leaders

   * Indigenous women and men’s groups

   * Psychologists, social workers, NGOs

   * Women groups, human rights enthusiasts

   * Nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, police officers

   * People who are interested in combating domestic violence

   * Government representatives, community Leaders

   * Consultants, legal Professionals

   * Domestic violence field workers, teachers

*Photo: The Mirror

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