Ghana’s Electoral Commission, Chamber of Mines in IBM microscope

Ghana’s Electoral Commission, Chamber of Mines in IBM microscope

There are serious technical, physical and human resources gaps in Ghana’s Electoral Commission, the Chamber of Mines and the country’s GAS (Ghana Audit Service (GAS).

This is the view of IBM’s latest Corporate Services Corp (CSC) team, which recently concluded its four-week tour of duty to Ghana on a mission to help resolve several public sector challenges facing this fast-growing West African country.

Therefore, global technology giant IBM said the CSC team developed recommendations, plans, and tools based on these gaps to ensure that which will ensure that three Ghanaian institutions benefit from its Smarter Planet concept.

The aim of this concept, IBM said, is to seek to promote the use of cutting edge technology solutions, services and ideas in business and governance.

IBM said its team of consultants reviewed and made recommendations for improving Ghana’s elections management machinery, upgrading the records management system (RMS) currently employed by the Ghana Electoral Commission, and reviewing and suggesting improvements for the business processes of the Ghana Chamber of Mines.

They also produced a strategic plan for revamping and managing the IT infrastructure at the GAS nationwide, conducted a skills gap analysis and proffered pragmatic recommendations for setting up an oil and gas industry audit unit at the GAS.

IBM sais that its business process improvements implemented at the Ghana Chamber of Mines will lead to the digitisation of its data management systems. IBM specialists also prepared a blueprint for the chamber’s migration to a cloud-based platform.

A cloud computing solution for critical data backup was also recommended for the GAS alongside other proposed solutions for improving the agency’s policy, management processes, software and hardware assets and IT skills capacity issues.

A multi-year capacity development road map was also recommended for the GAS, to address training needs and skill deficiencies nationwide.

As Ghana’s economy continues to experience continuous year-on-year growth, the need for appropriate technology to help manage business and public sector audit functions will also continue to grow, IBM said. Hence the need for increased IT capacity at the GAS nationwide.

The IBM team proposed a nationwide knowledge transfer and mentoring scheme for the GAS, anchored on local IT ambassadors who will drive the process.

The design, development and documentation of a prototype records management system for the electoral commission was also achieved, and when implemented this system will enable collaborative electronic access to the RMS via an intranet platform, simplify maintenance of records metadata and help facilitate transparency in records movements.

IBM said that the arrival of its team in Accra in April 2013 marked a ‘milestone moment’ in the annals of the company in Africa, as they became the 10th group of highly-skilled IBM volunteer consultants that Ghana would be playing host to in recent years.

IBM’s full fledged presence in Ghana since 2010 has enhanced the country’s profile internationally and helped attract talent to the fast growing West African country.

As members of IBM’s Corporate Service Corp (CSC) Team 10, these 11 IBM personnel from seven countries left their respective families and homelands to contribute to Ghana’s social and economic transformation agenda.

Their pro-bono engagement in Ghana has laid the foundations for effective performance by these institutions and consequently helped entrench a culture of efficient service delivery within them.

In April 2013, IBM launched a report entitled “A Vision for Smarter Growth: an IBM Smarter Cities Report on Accra, Ghana” that highlights how the rapidly emerging West African city should turn to technology to transform its key urban systems.

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