Merkel in Mali

Germany-Africa Business Forum to take place in Frankfurt in March

The 2017 Germany-Africa business forum is set to take place in Frankfurt on 23 March, reports from the capital Berlin said last week.

The summit follows last year’s three-day visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Mali, Niger and Ethiopia, and at a time when Germany seeks to strengthen its bilateral relations, and trade and investment ties with Africa.

The ‘dark continent’, blessed with a wealth of natural resources but cursed by a bad and ‘corrupt’ leadership, seems to have become the focus of major world economic powers, which appear to be panicking by China’s rising economic influence in Africa.

And Germany, which does not want to be left behind, has recently said that Africa would be its priority in 2017 since the first day it took over  the rotating G20 presidency in December last year.

However, even with an annual trade with Africa hovering US$60 billion, analysts believe Germany has lagged behind other countries that have done more to seize trade opportunities.

The Germany-Africa business forum will therefore be a vital platform for Europe’s largest economy to increase its business engagement with African countries, as German companies look forward to finding new markets.

The Germany-Africa Business Forum is said to be seeking to ‘bridge the gap’ by facilitating dialogue, business dealings and dynamic commercial and political interchange.

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Photo: German Chancellor Angela Merkel in visit to Mali in October 2017. Credit: DW/Dpa

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