General Electric, partners at forefront of Africa’s electricity innovative technolgies

General Electric (GE) has been partnering with stakeholders to deploy innovative technologies to respond to the energy’s needs of the region.

This has emerged at the PowerGen and DistribuTech electricity conference currently taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Distributed generation, smarter and cleaner steam power, renewables, smart grids, storage, prosumers, innovative financing, evolving energy policies and new political imperatives mean that energy stakeholders need to embrace new capabilities and innovative business models for better outcomes,” George Njenga, Steam Power Systems GM for Sub Saharan Africa, said this week in a keynote address.

This, he added, would help to bring more power to the population, faster and more sustainably than before.

Very few people – about one-third of the population – in Africa have access to electricity more than 50 years after the dawn of independences from Europe despite its continent’s vast natural resources.

Bearing this in mind Njenga said GE was committed to helping countries meet their growing energy demands with its full spectrum of energy solutions to help them increase their energy capacity.”

“Many of the solutions we are demonstrating at this event have already been deployed and are making a difference today.”

Developing reliable power supplies across the continent is said to be a global priority and a critical necessity to ensure Africa can reach its economic and human potential.

PowerGen and DistribuTech brings together utilities, financiers and energy leaders from across the region to discuss and develop technical knowledge in the field of electricity generation, transmission and distribution.

Photo: Gineers Now

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