Gabon public broadcaster employees on strike over unpaid salaries, bonuses

SYNAPAP, the union representing employees of Gabon Television and Radio Gabon (the public broadcaster), said its members would kick off a strike on Friday 9 December to protest against poor working conditions, including unpaid salaries and performance bonuses.

The strike begins against a backdrop of the 2017 African Cup of Nations, which opens here in four weeks’ time.

This is the public broadcaster’s third strike in about two years, the first took place in November 2014 and the second in January 2016, and each time the government has made promises to sort out all their problems in a view of improving their living conditions.

However, as promises keep turning into lies, the union announced mid-week that its members would be downing tools once again to make their voices heard.

“We are waiting for the money owed to us to be paid and for the government to increase our salaries,” local media reports quoted Aminata Brigitte Ondo Mendogo as saying.

Mendogo, who is SYNAPAP President, said she deplored the government’s ill-treatment of her organisation.

“Trade unionism is negotiation. We are waiting for this negotiation so that we can agree on the principles of the specifications in the short, medium and long term, ” she said.

The oil-rich Central African nation, ruled with iron-fist by Ali Bongo Ondimba who has just been controversially re-elected for a second term, is shaken by a wave of public servants strikes, which include magistrates and schoolteachers.

Photo: Gabon public broadcaster headquarters in the capital Libreville. credit: GabonActu.

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