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Gabon newspaper suspended for ‘incitement to commit murder’

Le Douk-Douk, a pro-government weekly newspaper in Gabon, is suspended for one month after publishing an article that urged the people of Gabon to rise and kill Hugues Nordi, a French diplomat believed to be hostile to the regime of President Ali Bongo, media reports said.

Nordi is the first counsellor at the Embassy of France in the capital Libreville.

Gabon Review reported on Thursday that the French Embassy complained to the Conseil National de la Communication (CNC, press self-regulation body), which consequently summoned the newspaper editor to notify him of Le Douk-Douk suspension.

Reports said the article also insulted Nordi by calling him all sorts of funny names, and accused him of preparing a coup against Gabon’s institutions.

Unlike former French President Nicholas Sarkozy who supported the regime of Bongo, the government of François Hollande has, alongside the European Union, vehemently criticised Bongo’s ‘rigged’ re-election at the helm of this oil-rich Central African nation.

However, critics of the regime quickly lashed out at the CNC for its double standards, saying that if the newspaper was close to the opposition, the punishment would have been severe.

Meanwhile, the head of the Direction Générale de Documentation et Immigration (DGDI, police intelligence services) has resigned to protest against the ‘brutal’ and ‘illegal’ raid conducted last week by heavily armed security forces at the headquarters of Echos du Nord and Faits Divers newspapers.

All 14 people arrested at these offices were detained, tortured and allegedly sodomised at the DGDI private cells, following the raid some claim was remote-controlled ‘from the top’.

Photo: Le Douk-Douk, Gabon’s suspended weekly newspaper. credit: Gabon Review

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