Fuel price decreases next Wednesday in South Africa

Fuel price decreases next Wednesday in South Africa

It is almost May Day, and around the world the working class, especially in developing countries, will celebrate their struggle against poor working conditions, social injustice and wages of misery. But in South Africa, the workers, and everybody for that matter, will experience a double celebration: Workers’ Day and the decrease – albeit little and temporary – of the fuel price.

As usual when there is an increase or decrease, the South African Department of Energy justifies it by a number of reasons, and today’s reasons are no different from the previous ones.

“The next fuel price adjustments will be effected on Wednesday 1 May 2013, and the reasons for these movements include the price of Brent Crude oil, the decrease by approximately 5.48% of price of Brent crude oil, the decrease in the price of international petroleum products, the monthly average strengthening of the rand against the US dollar, and the adjustment to the Slate Levy on petrol and diesel,” Thandiwe Maimane, spokesperson for the Department of Energy said.

Here is how the next fuel prices will look like until the next adjustment – increase or decrease:

·        Petrol (all grades): 73.0 cent/l, decrease

·        Diesel (0.05% sulphur): 55.56 cent/l, decrease

·        Diesel (0.005% sulphur): 56.56 cent/l, decrease

·        IP wholesale: 58.0 c/l, decrease

·        SMNRP for IP: 77.0 c/l, decrease

·        Maximum retail price for LP Gas: 81.0 cent/kg, decrease

*Photo by Cape Town Daily Photo.


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