Free Wi-fi for South African taxis

Free Wi-fi for South African taxis

South African mini-bus taxis, known here simply as taxis, will soon be fitted with free Wi-fi to help commuters browse the internet through their smartphones or other devices, local media reports this week.

The roll-out, which will take around two to three years to be fully implemented across the country, will be spearheaded by the South African National Taxi Council (Santaco), with the collaboration of Telkom, which will be providing the connections, and Wi-Taxi South Africa, which will be responsible for the infrastructure, Independent Online said.

Telkom is the government-controlled telecommunications company and the former parent company of cellphone giant Vodacom.

The free Wi-fi will be provided in taxis and around taxi ranks, Independent Online said, adding that the service will be funded through an advertising model.

Taxi fares will not be increased, Santaco pointed out.

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