Freemasonry gaining ground in Ivory Coast

Freemasonry gaining ground in Ivory Coast

(Reporting from Abidjan). Mystic and occultist sect freemasonry has taken Ivory Coast by storm. Almost every bourgeois, from politicians to business people, university lecturers and rising middle class nouveaux-riches are said to have joined this ancient secret society, well-known for its extreme mutual solidarity and influence in world affairs, and its rejection of ‘ordinary’ people (the nobodies and the poor).

Many members of the current government of President Alassane Ouattara are said to belong to this sect, including state minister and minister of interior Hamed Bakayoko, Abidjan-based Le Journal de l’Economie reported this week.

Though President Ouattara is apparently not a freemason, former PM Jeannot Ahoussou Kouadio is a freemason, the newspaper said. Other influent names cited include lawyer Louis Métan, Honoré Djadja and Magloire Clotaire.

A well-placed source told Moon of the South that a team of recruiters has been let loose in Ivory Coast to recruit members among the political and business elite.

The venues for their meetings in the commercial capital Abidjan are no longer a secret as it is used to be, the weekly claimed. Such places include Zone 4 in Marcory, where a big number of expatriates live.

The weekly also said that some people who join this mystic organisation do so for economic privilege and profit, while others are looking for ‘brotherhood links’ or for a place of ‘perfect spirituality and meditation’.

Le Journal de l’Economie also said that many members of the Ivorian freemasonry branch control several sectors of the country’s economy, including electricity, general import and export, and property.

Nobody knows for sure how many members this organisation has in this West African nation of 22 million people. However, many young Ivorian men and women – arrogant and over-confident – driving flashy cars and living in mansions are believed to have recently joined the organisation.

Some allege that the arrival of the United Nations Mission to Ivory Coast, known in French acronym as ONUCI, is said to have triggered the expansion of freemasonry in this West African country. Many top UN officials have been linked with this sect time and time again.

Freemasonry has remarkably expanded its horizons across the African continent, where several heads of state, businessmen, university lecturers, companies’ senior managers, reverend pastors, as well as sports personalities are reportedly active members of this mystic organisation.

But as the newspaper put it, many of these people deny having any kind of ties with freemasonry.

Asked whether it was possible for a member of another religion, Islam, Roman Catholic, or the so-called Church of Revival to join freemasonry, a religion expert commenting on condition of anonymity said: “Why not? These days, people are looking for many things at the same time, and this includes ‘spiritual protection’, business deals that will lead them to the road to riches, relations and friendship with high-profile personalities.”

The Ivorian newspaper said many well-established professionals in Ivory Coast, including entrepreneurs and company senior managers, join freemasonry because of its strong lobby of business and politics, which can help them get a high position in government or a lucrative tender, among others.

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