Ethiopian female photojournalist jailed without charge

Ethiopian female photojournalist jailed without charge

An Ethiopian female photojournalist, Aziza Mohamed, is still in police custody two weeks after she was arrested while covering Muslim protests near the Anwar Mosque in the capital Addis Ababa, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reported this week.

It remains unclear why she was arrested.

Aziza was presented to the Kirkos First Bench Court, but police investigators told the court that they wanted more time for their probe before bringing formal charges, CJP said.

Police told the court that Aziza was inciting protesters to violence during the demonstration. However, Aziza told colleagues who visited her in detention that plainclothes policemen arrested her in a café near the protests, likely after noticing her camera.

Police searched Aziza’s home on July 26 and confiscated several music compact discs, CPJ said, quoting local journalists said.

“Time and time again Ethiopian police use the guise of inciting violence as a pretext to silence media coverage of sensitive issues,” CPJ East Africa pepresentative Tom Rhodes said in a statement.

“Journalists should not pay with their freedom for doing their work. We call on authorities to release Aziza Mohamed immediately.”

(Source: CPJ)  Photo: Ethiopian photojournalist Aziza Mohamed in action

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