Eritrea denies supplying weapons to Seleka rebels to overthrow Bozize

Eritrea denies supplying weapons to Seleka rebels to overthrow Bozize

The repressive government of Eritrea has denied news reports,, that it supplied weapons to the Seleka rebels of the Central African Republic, weapons that were allegedly used to overthrow the government of François Bozize.

The Eritrean ministry of foreign affairs released a statement this week, calling these reports ‘fabricated’ and ‘false’, saying that they are part and parcel of the deliberate defamation and demonisation campaigns that the arch-enemies of Eritrea have intensified in the past months.

“Eritrea has neither the political will nor the material and logistical capabilities to sell or deliver arms to rebels in the Central African Republic and, or “other African rebel groups,” said the statement by the ministry of foreign affairs, a copy of which was sent directly to Moon of the South.

“In the first place, Eritrea does not manufacture weapons and/or ammunition of any kind. Furthermore, Eritrea has remained under an unlawful arms embargo for the last three years.

“It would not thus be in a position, even hypothetically, to sell and transfer arms to CAR rebels or Chad with whom it does not share contiguous territory.”

These cheap acts must not be tolerated, the ministry of foreign affairs said.

The article denying the reports has first appeared in the government online mouthpiece Tesfa News.

*Photo: Seleka rebels of CAR holding weapons allegedly supplied by Eritrea, allegations rejected by the Eritrean govt

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