Ebola: nurse dies in Mali as death toll hits 5 000

Ebola: nurse dies in Mali as death toll hits 5 000

A nurse who have had contact with an Ebola patient from Guinea was consequently infected by the virus and died early this week in the Malian capital Bamako, making her death the second fatal Ebola case in this country, reports from Bamako and Geneva said.

The nurse was isolated on Sunday evening, authorities said.

Like Mali’s first case, this second case is associated with the outbreak in Guinea, and chains of transmission are being investigated by health officials and the World Health Organisation staff in both Mali and Guinea, the Geneva-based UN health agency said.

The two confirmed cases in Mali are not linked. They arise from independent chains of transmission involving different villages and different families across the border in Guinea, WHO said in a statement.

Her death has generated panic in this vast, impoverished West African nation which is still recovering from almost several months launched by the Islamist groups of Mujao, Ansar-Dine, Al Qaeda in Maghrib and the separatists of MNLA.

This is the fifth West African country to be struck by the disease. Almost 5000 people are thought to have died from the Ebola virus, according to WHO latest figures.

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