Ebola death toll tops 7 000 in West Africa

Ebola death toll tops 7 000 in West Africa

Nearly 7 000 people have been killed by the virus Ebola in West Africa, according to the latest figures published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) late last week.

A total of 16 000 people are thought to have been infected by the deadly virus, which shows no sign of going away.

The death toll, which has suddenly gone up in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, seems to have surprised both the WHO and NGOs, which have reportedly run out of steam and fresh ideas as to how best they can counter-attack the virus.

Despite getting some help from ‘above’ – meaning from the so-called powerful nations – Africa has so far been unable to defeat this deadly enemy, who continues to cause havoc and stress among the already impoverished communities.

Photo: BBC/EPA A woman cries over her dead relative in Liberia

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