Ebola out of control in West Africa, kills 672

Ebola out of control in West Africa, kills 672

The Ebola virus has already killed 672 people and infected 1 201 in West Africa, according to the latest figures released by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Guinea has the highest number of casualties with 319 deaths, while Liberia and Sierra Leone have 129 and 224, respectively, WHO said.

Liberia this week shuts down three land borders to prevent the disease from spreading further.

The United Nations, which has been warning for some time that the whole region was at higher risk, reported this week that Nigeria’s first Ebola patient died in a Lagos hospital.

The man had travelled from Freetown to Lagos via Lomé.

French NGO Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is baffled by the situation, saying that the epidemic was out of control and warning that a regional outbreak was becoming a possibility.

“It lacks a comprehensive vision to understand where there are major problems,” MSF director of operations Bart Janssens was quoted by the Belgian media as saying.

“If the situation does not improve quickly enough, there is a real risk that new countries affected,” Janssens warned.

Photo: BBC

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