DHL retail footprint in Africa grows by 1000%

DHL retail footprint in Africa grows by 1000%

Global giant logistics DHL Express has grown its retail footprint in sub-Saharan Africa by an astonishing 1 000% in less than three years, the company said this week.

The company’s number of service points also increased from 300 to over 3 300, not by building its own bricks and mortar branches, but by partnering with local business owners who act as DHL resellers, the company said.

Thousands of vendors – such as an electronics store in West Africa, a travel agent in East Africa and a small grocery shop in Southern Africa – now allow their customers to send DHL shipments alongside their normal offerings.

These small businesses benefit from commission on all DHL sales, an increase in foot traffic as well as being associated with a global brand.

“It’s really a win-win approach. We having given these small shop owners a unique business opportunity to grow their revenues and gain credibility by aligning themselves with an international brand. If they do well, we do well,” Sumesh Rahavendra, head of marketing for DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa, said in a statement.

The company said it was willing to partner with any entrepreneurial business that sees value in becoming a DHL reseller.

All partners are provided with a complete branding kit and go through an extensive training programme to ensure compliance with DHL’s requirements and procedures.
DHL has also forged similar partnerships with larger companies such as mobile network operators, retail business centres, supermarkets and fuel retailers.

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