US denies any role in failed coup d’état in Gambia

US denies any role in failed coup d’état in Gambia

The United States government has refuted the Gambian government’s allegations that it was one of the masterminds behind the failed coup d’etat that shook this tiny West African nation this week.

Deadly battles ensued early Friday between forces loyal to the dictator Yahya Jammeh and a mysterious group of heavily armed men after the latter took on the presidential palace at dawn.

Jammeh was not in Gambia at the time of the incident.

“It is an attack by dissidents based in the US, Germany and UK,” Jammeh said on state TV.

But an unnamed senior US state official told Reuters that the US government had absolutely no role in the events that took place in Banjul.

“Banjul is currently calm and we have no reports of violence,” the official added, quoted by the Daily Mail.

Jammeh’s plane landed in N’Djamena, Chad, on Friday, the New York Times quoted an official in Chad as telling Reuters.

Dozens of people have since been arrested and many are still being interrogated and tortured, a source told Moon of the South from the capital Banjul. Jammeh, one of Africa’s hard core dictators, has been in power in the last 20 years after a successful coup d’état.

Photo: Dictator Yahya Jammeh, Gambia president. Credit: AFP/Getty Images/Telegraph

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