Demand for private higher learning increases in South Africa

Demand for private higher learning increases in South Africa

A recent research conducted by Durban, South Africa-based PC Training and Business College (PCT & BC) has found that the demand for the provision of private higher and further education and training in South Africa has increased significantly over the last 18 years.

“This is a consequence of the traditional universities experiencing marked over-subscriptions, resulting in students not being accepted as well as in less favorable academic staff to student ratios,” the report said.

“The changing face of education, coupled with geographical factors in South Africa has also contributed to a demand for distance education also referred to as Open Distance Learning (ODL),” the report added.

ODL is an approach to education, which removes all the unnecessary barriers imposed on learning through location and work constraints.

This allows as many people as possible to take advantage of meaningful learning opportunities throughout their lives.

“As an accepted and indispensable part of the mainstream of educational systems in both developed and developing countries, ODL has proved its worth by enabling any prospective student to register and study for a qualification at their own pace, in their own place in their own time.

There are over 70 accredited private providers of distance higher education in South Africa who are registered with the national department of education of which about 40% have provisional accreditation.

In a recent overview of distance learning it was reported that 85% of the higher education students that were studying through distance education were registered with South Africa’s only single mode institution, the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Considering that over the last 10 years in South Africa, 40% of higher education enrolments, on average, have been for distance learning it is imperative that higher learning institutions adopt ODL and offer relevant, up to date course content utilising technology where possible.

And the PCT & BC, with over 70 campuses nationally, have been proactive in meeting these demands. As an education provider at the forefront of technology in South Africa, PC Training & Business College have introduced the Mobile Learning Academy (MLA), extending the opportunity of education to many more prospective students, including those that are currently employed.

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